Absentee Ballots will be mailed out on March 15th. In-person Absentee voting starts on March 22nd. Election Day is April 5th.
11Mike and Nancy Barber

My wife, Nancy, and I have lived in Franklin for 30 years. We have two children, three granddaughters and a dog. During these years, we have watched our city transition from a rural community to a mix of green space, rural, residential, recreational, and commercial development. I wanted to give back to our community and to help be a part of the City’s future. That is when I volunteered to be an Election Poll Worker, then I volunteered to serve on the Personnel Committee, then I volunteered to serve on the Civil Service Sub-Committee and finally I volunteered to serve on Volition.  Six years ago, I was elected as Franklin’s 5th District Alderman. This has given me the opportunity to participate in helping create what our city is now and what it is becoming. The experience of working with city Staff and learning how all the pieces of city government work together has helped me to understand and resolve constituent complaints, concerns and issues within our District. My reward for serving as an Alderman is listening to my constituent’s input, getting answers to questions, learning about, researching, and finding solutions to constituent concerns, working with city staff and being a part of what the city is becoming.

My City Service

  • as a citizen volunteer Election Poll Worker (4 years)
  • as a citizen volunteer member on the Personnel Committee (9 years)
  • as a citizen volunteer member on the Civil Service Sub-Committee (8 years)
  • as a citizen volunteer member on Volition Franklin (4 years)
  • as an appointed member on the Economic Development Committee (6 years)
  • as an appointed member on the Quarry Monitoring Committee (6 years)
  • as an appointed member on the Board of Health (6 years)
  • as an elected member on the Common Council (6 years)

My Education

  • BBA, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
  • MBA, Marquette University
  • Graduate of the Future Milwaukee Leadership Program, Marquette University
  • Graduate of the FBI Citizens Academy

My Military Service

  • US Navy, FTG3, USS Walker DD517, Vietnam War Veteran (2 tours) Honorable Discharge

My Work Experience

  • Harley-Davidson Motor Company as a dealer Business Management Representative (consultant)
  • Milwaukee County as the DHS Quality Assurance and Training Manager
11Mike Barber

What I have accomplished as your Alderman

Consistently voted to bring “things to do” to Franklin for all of us to enjoy in our hometown, that enhance our community and attract people and new businesses to our city.

Brought a conservative spending approach to our city’s budgetary process while creating residential and commercial development to save taxpayer dollars.

Sponsored the improvements to 68th Street. This project built up the roadbed, improved the visibility for drivers, widened the roadbed for pedestrians and bicyclists while preserving the roadway green space.

Sponsored the completion of the River Park Trail and Bridge.  This project preserved greenspace and created a trail for pedestrians and bicyclists while connecting the Root River Heights and the River Park neighborhoods.     

Sponsored the building of the roundabout on 51st and Drexel.  This project has improved the traffic safety and flow through the intersection,

Promoted the expansion of recreational Pickleball while preserving tennis.

Created ordinances that helped residents meet specific needs/conditions and that addressed specific constituent complaints.

Expanded accessibility and citizen membership on the Quarry Monitoring Committee.

Worked with community-based organizations to promote our Quality of Life.

What I look forward to doing as your Alderman

Working to expand and improve the retail experiences on the southeast corner of 76th and Rawson.  This could become an attractive “go to destination” with a mix of dining, recreational and retail business choices within our city.  

Working to connect South 60th Street to the Root River Park Trail and connecting the trail to Cascade Creek Park.  This will allow pedestrians and bicyclists to travel from the Franklin High School to the Sports Complex without having to use Ryan Road or Drexel Avenue and enjoying our city’s recreational and green space.

Working to bring back the Senior Social Lunch Club

Working to create a document shredding program for residents.

Working with residents and City staff to improve the understanding of and the delivery of the city’s services on an individual and a community wide basis

Continue helping constituents work through their issues within the City.

Continue helping constituents deal with and resolve their complaints.


Upcoming Events

As your Aderman, I have incorporated the meaning of words like transparency, quality, integrity, community, ethics, and honesty into what I do every day. Other people use these words as political slogans and easy rhetoric, but never quite put them into practice. 

I am looking forward to meeting with as many of you as I can. Please bring your input, concerns, issues, and recommendations. It takes all of us to build the wonderful place we call home. And more importantly, let us spend some time together. Afterall we are neighbors.

Please share these event dates with all your friends and neighbors.


Event: Sweep to Victory in Support of Local Candidates
: March 9, 2022
Time: 5:30 – 7:30
Location: 7044 South Ballpark Dr.
Franklin, WI 53132

Event: Meet Your Alderman/Candidate Event
: March 10, 2022
Time: 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm
Location: The Franklin Library (Fadrow Room) 9151 W Loomis Rd, Franklin, WI 53132
Event: Meet Your Alderman/Candidate Event
Date: March 22, 2022
Time: 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm
Location: The Franklin Library (Fadrow Room) 9151 W Loomis Rd, Franklin, WI 53132